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Detroit Voice Over is the Detroit Illinois page of a nationally advertised voiceover service, providing voice work for commercials, promos, imaging and video narration.

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The existence of computer digital editing software and all the add-ons that go with it, may force Detroit voice talents to ask themselves, “Is there a need anymore for all the other physical equipment?”

That depends on the Detroit voiceover project and your expertise when doing Detroit voice overs. A higher-quality USB mic, professional sound card in your computer and software with all of the necessary dynamics and effects means the Detroit announcer may not even need one.

Personally as a Detroit Narrator, my primary use for physical equipment like a mixing board is adjusting the audio levels of devices going in to the computer. I’ve got several outside devices and most audio cards don’t have the amount of input channels I would need for the equipment. Therefore, I need a mixing board to even out the varied input levels and to funnel everything into one channel for the computer during Illinois voice-overs. That being said, a Detroit voice talent would probably only need a small one with just a few input & output channels. Most small ones only run about $100 and work very well.

It's not until a Detroit voice over talent upgrades to the latest audio editing software and sees that all the stuff that comes with it that they realize the typical mixing board may be obsolete for a working Detroit narrator or Illinois announcer. Some programs like Ableton even have a “virtual” on-screen mixing board built right in.

Though I'll continue to hold on to the physical equipment I own, I realize I don’t use it as much these days for my Detroit voice-overs. Then again, computers freeze and fail all the time while doing Detroit voice overs and when that happens, that older equipment suddenly becomes valuable once more!

More than 2 decades experience providing voice overs, narration and live annoincing for clients all over the globe.

Proudly servicing the Detroit metropolitan region.
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